The Cannes Film Festival

In celebration of The Cannes Film Festival, the library is having a “Canned Film Festival!" We will be showing films to benefit the Westlake Food Pantry. The admission for a movie is one canned food item. Please register by calling 440-250-5462 or online.

Hypnotherapist, Susan Fox, on Near-Death Experience; May 14, 7-8:30 pm

Greetings Edge Readers!


Heads Up! Westlake Porter Public Library welcomes an exciting new speaker. May 14, 2015; 7-8:30 pm  in the Porter Room, hypnotherapist, Susan Fox, speaks on Near-Death Experience.


What happens when we die? Are all those accounts we hear true? Hear Susan relate her first-hand experience and talk about the general nature of NDEsListen, learn, ask questions, and tell your own story.


The date is fast approaching, we hope you can join us, so register now; call 440-250-5460, ask at any public service desk, or use our online event calendar.


I'll have more about this program in coming days, so watch the Edge. There'll be information about Susan, about NDEs, and about library materials on the topic.



The British are Coming (Part II)

Hello, everyone!  I hope you're all excited about our upcoming program, Rock n' Roll History: The British Invasion with the Doc of Rock n' Roll: Dr. Joel Keller!  In addition to Dr. Keller's presentation, there has been a new addition to Monday's program!

The Avengers and Comic Books in Pop Culture

BAM! POW! The Avengers are back on the big screen!!

Learning Linux: Maker Stations

image of old self check machineDo you remember our old self-check machines? Maybe not so fondly? Two of them are coming back, but in a good way! When the library added the new self-check machines, there was a question about what to do with the old ones. We tried selling them, but no one wanted them.

I had an idea. Last summer, we had a lot of interest in Raspberry Pi at our maker event. What if we turned the two free-standing units into stations where people could come and play with the RPi?

Building Services refinished the desktops -- they look fantastic, btw. I gutted all of the self-checks for parts to be used in the library or for future Maker Club projects.

Digitize Your Records and Cassettes


This month’s Maker Club is a demonstration on How to Digitize Your Records and Cassettes. Vinyl records and audiocassettes can be damaged easily and degrade over time. Preserve your audio memories (and make them portable to CDs, iPods, computers, and the like) by digitizing them! All you need is a computer with a line-in jack, a record or cassette player with a headphone jack (or USB jack), a cable to connect the two (or the kind of adapters we’ll talk about during the Maker Club), free software, and a little bit of know-how.

Organizing Your Art Files

Greetings Pics and Tricks Readers!

My apologies for going so long without a second post.  It's obviously been more than a week−I don't know what I was thinking.  Things get very busy around here, so I’ll be making these posts as often as I can, but probably not every week.

Today I’d like to address Media Maven's question about organizing files.

ALLDATA Car Repair Information

With over 25 years of experience, ALLDATA is the leading provider of original manufacturers' repair information – complete, unchanged and unabridged.  Access ALLDATA® Repair – Library and Educational Version to:

Get ready for the new season of Game of Thrones!


The 5th season of Game of Thrones premiers on Sunday at 9 PM on HBO.