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Clothes at Kohl's

A Little Goes A Long Way

Recently, I spoke with a man who runs a mission for homeless men to find out what items he could most use that I might be able to get for him by using coupons. With summer approaching, he asked for insect repellent. He also mentioned backpacks, in which the men could carry their personal items.

Welcome to Couponing for Change

In 2010, I donated items valued at more than $14,000 to various charities and paid only about $2,000. Most of these items I received for free or at an extremely reduced cost. After several years of saving money with coupons and following couponing blogs, I noticed that although many coupon bloggers often mention helping charities by donating sale or free items obtained through using coupons, no blog is exclusively devoted to donating through coupon use. Thus, I have started Couponing for Change, a blog through which I want to share fabulous deals that I have found that also would make excellent donation items.