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Greetings All,

Before I get back into Jung and Tarot imagery, I’d like to remind everyone to check out my October display at the front of the library.

Look for the sign shown here.

I’m pulling a variety of materials of interest to Edge readers from the regular nonfiction shelves for this display. I’ve just taken a quick inventory and right now, it contains items dealing with witchcraft, alchemy, wizardry, sorcery, and magic of all kinds; hauntings and spirit possessions; vampires and paranormal phenomena.

There’s also some interesting material exploring the relationship of paranormal phenomena to quantum physics and rumblings from the unconscious mind.

There’s a smaller version of this display on the endcap near the 100s Dewey area, (across from left print station in Electronic Services).

I’m making some Halloween themed bookmarks and will be putting them out on the displays as well for you to pick up; more about that later.

Until the next time, keep your eye on  The Edge.


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