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A Little Trouble with the Facts

Valerie Vane, self-described "supreme scribe of the urban zeitgeist" as a Style reporter for a prominent New York City newspaper, suddenly finds herself relegated to the Obituary Desk after a drug-induced rage, covered thoroughly and gleefully in the tabloids, at a trendy nightclub. An unsolicited call from an anonymous tipster allows Valerie an opportunity to redeem her personal and professional reputation when she learns that the untimely death of a talented graffiti artist may have been the result of murder, rather than suicide, as had been stated in the young man's published obituary, which Valerie had written. Determined not to damage her career further due to another public mistake, Valerie embarks on a journey of investigative journalism that takes her into the heart of the clandestine subculture of the city's graffiti artists. Witty, clever, and full of film noir references, which creatively parallel the main characters and their lives, A Little Trouble with the Facts, the debut novel from Nina Siegal, will leave readers eagerly awaiting her next book.


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