The Couponing Librarian, 06/10/2011: Ten More Couponing Tips

" . . . the world's hungry could be fed for about what Americans and Europeans spend on perfume each year. I say, "Chuck the Chanel and feed the children instead!"

- from The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map to True Riches: A Practical (and Fun) Guide to Enjoying LIfe More by Spending Less by Jeff Yeager (New York: Broadway Books, 2008)


The next time you're tempted to buy something for yourself, ask yourself whether you truly need it or simply want it. If it's a matter of want, try using the money you would have spent on that item to purchase something you can donate. Below are some of the best current or upcoming coupon deals that would make great donations, followed by ten additional coupon tips. 

  • CVS ($5 off $20 or more - good until Sat., June 11)
  • CVS (free Zyrtec, Bayer, Schick, and Motrin; begins Sun., June 12)
  • Rite Aid (free aspirin and toothpaste, and dental products, men's skin care, and Lysol wipes for less than $1; begins Sun., June 12)


More Couponing Tips

  1. Initially, select one or two deals to try. If you try to do every deal you come across, you will become overwhelmed and frustrated. Start small, and add more deals as you can.
  2. Know what good deals really are. Keep track of prices for several months, so you know what the lowest price of a particular item is.
  3. Always check your receipts before you leave the store. It’s easier to deal with a problem while you’re still there.
  4. Know the store’s coupon policy. This way you can be assertive (but still polite) when a salesperson questions or denies your coupons.
  5. Take advantage of price matching. If you don't like going to several stores to take advantage of deals, frequent stores that price match so you can do one-stop shopping and still get your savings.
  6. Take advantage of stores that double coupons.
  7. Find out whether your store accepts competitors’ coupons.
  8. Forgot your coupons? If you forget your coupons when shopping, some stores will allow you to bring your coupons in up to 24 hours after shopping.
  9. Follow coupon etiquette. This includes avoiding doing things such as copying or manipulating coupons.
  10. Use recycled paper when printing coupons from home. (TIP: Instead of recycling your junk mail, open it and use the blank side of any papers within. You can also reuse the envelopes that are often included.)

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