Which apocalypse is right for me?

There have been an unusually large number of books published lately not just about the apocalypse, but with apocalypse in the title. With all these similar titles available, how do you pick the apocalypse that's right for you? Let's take a brief look at 4 of these titles.

Soft Apocalypse by Will McIntosh
What happens when resources become scarce and society starts to crumble?
It's 2023, 10 years after an economic collapse has caused society as we know it gradually began to fall apart. A naive college graduate named Jasper struggles to trade charged batteries for food as his "tribe" wanders the Georgia countryside, operating under the illusion that life will still go back to what it used to be. Settling in Savannah, they try to find some stability among people who’ve succumbed to manufactured diseases, gangs, drugs, or even simple starvation. The world is falling apart around them, but the changes are too gradual for them to comprehend.

Slow Apocalypse by John Varley
A rogue virus has rendered all the world's oil deposits useless. With people's lives tied so closely to the use of petroleum products, how will they survive when they are no longer available? In Los Angles, society doesn't take long to start falling apart, especially when the virus triggers massive earthquakes and floods. Neighbors have to band together to protect themselves from roving bands of looters and those who are willing to do anything to survive.

Odd Apocalypse by Dean Koontz
This is Dean Koontz latest installment in the Odd Thomas series.
Odd Thomas is an the unassuming young fry cook whose gift—or curse—it is to see the shades of the restless dead, and to help them when he can. Although Odd can see ghosts, he can't hear them, so he has to figure out what the ghosts need done to help them rest in peace.
The story kicks off with a woman riding horseback, coming to Odd for help. Odd and his friend Annamaria convince the current and reclusive owner of Roseland to allow them an extended stay in the guest-house of his estate while they investigate the mysterious goings-on.

The Apocalypse Codex (A Laundry Files Novel) by Charles Stross
Computational demonologist Bob Howard is on the fast-track for promotion to management within The Laundry, the super-secret British government agency tasked with defending the realm from occult threats. Assigned to “External Assets,” Bob discovers the company—unofficially—employs freelance agents to deal with sensitive situations that may embarrass Queen and Country.
Such a situation arises when an American televangelist with the uncanny ability to miraculously heal the ill becomes strangely close to the Prime Minister. External Assets dispatches freelance agent Persephone Hazard to infiltrate the Golden Promise Ministry and discover why the preacher is so interested in British politics. It’s then Bob’s job to make sure she doesn’t cause an international incident.

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