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Libraries Transform: Because Early Literacy Begins at the Library

People sometimes wonder why the library has things that aren't books. In our Youth Services Department we have a train table, blocks, puzzles, a puppet theater and dress up store.

According to an article published by the Association for Library Services to Children, "Children's first attempts to read and write frequently occur during play. Studies of early readers reveal that these children have engaged often in dramatic open-ended play." Also known as "pre-literacy activities," these imagination stations encourage:

Clone Detective vs. Robot Detective -Made to Kill & A Borrowed Man-

A Borrowed Man by Gene Wolfe

Cover of A Borrowed ManBooks are rare. If you need information, borrow a person. E. A. Smithe is a borrowed person. He is a clone who lives on a third-tier shelf in a public library, and his personality is an uploaded recording of a deceased mystery writer.

The Sports Section - So What Else is New?

I’ve been on hiatus for a while, but have realized that, for Cleveland sports fans, not much has changed.  I looked over some posts from last year and could easily just print them again.  The Indians, for example, were just not quite good enough to get into the playoffs.  The Cavs made a valiant run for the championship, but fell just short of the dream for the fans. 

Thanksgiving Turkey


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hunger Games Trivia


Let’s Talk Trending!

It's a Mystery - Introducing...

I’ve been hearing a lot more this year about debut/first/new/fresh fiction – an author’s first published work.  Of course, publishers are anxious to get the word out about their new authors, but other recommendations for these debut titles come from independent booksellers, reviewers for journals such as Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, and Library Journal, li

The Ugly Duckling

Today's craft is based on the fairy tale The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson. This simple craft can be created with a little assistance from a caring adult.

Eric Carle Caterpillar

Welcome to the new Youth Services Blog at Westlake Porter Public Library Read It. Make It. Read It. Make It. will bring you children’s crafts inspired by children’s books. It will give you the opportunity to not only read a book to your child, but experience the book in an different way.

"The name's Bond, James Bond."

Maker Club: Take Apart Toys

Do you like taking things apart to see how they work? And do you like (or have you liked) to play with toys? (Age doesn't matter, after all!) Then the Maker Club's "Take Apart Toys" event on Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00pm in the Dover Room is for you! 

Bring in a toy (or several) you'd like to take apart to see how it works (but check the internet first to make sure it's nothing valuable! Broken toys would be a great idea). Learn about what components you may find! There will be screwdrivers, scissors, seam rippers, and more for all "reverse elves."

Register online, call 440-250-5460, or stop by any public service desk to sign up. All ages welcome, but those under 18 must bring a parent/guardian with them to sign the waiver. 

Some of you may have enjoyed the Tech Toys of Yore post from last year. You'll find many of your favorite toys profiled on HowStuffWorks (but be careful- you may not come back for a few hours!)