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Do Your Research: 2016 Presidential Campaign Information

There are now 17 declared candidates for President of the United States from the Republican Party including the recently declared Governor of Ohio John Kasich and ex-Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore. Who is leading the polls, and why? What are the key issues driving the polls so far and what is each candidate’s position? Who has declared for the Democratic Party and what issues are each running on? Why has there been recent speculation the Vice President Joe Biden might enter the primaries?

Going on a road trip or on a vacation?

Maker Club: Arduino


Tonight’s Maker Club: Arduino is full, but you’re welcome to stop into the library to use our Arduino Uno for free. Everything in this kit is included. Just ask the friendly staff at the Reference Desk, and bring an ID with you.

What’s an Arduino? It’s a microcontroller board—part of a computer (unlike a Raspberry Pi, which is a fully functioning computer. Some may argue that a microcontroller fits the definition of a computer, but for simplicity’s sake, we’ll define “computer” in the common usage as a desktop or laptop). You’ll need a "real" computer to program the Arduino with the free Arduino IDE—software that lets you type code, then upload it via a USB cable to the Arduino board itself. After that, you won’t need the computer anymore, because as long as the Arduino has a power supply, it can run that code indefinitely. Watch this Make video on the Arduino here!

Not Your Mother's Scavenger Hunt

So we’re about halfway through summer break and you may be looking for some fresh what-to-do ideas. You may want to consider geocaching.  It’s essentially a worldwide treasure hunt that’s become more popular over the years as GPS has become accessible to everyone through smart phone technology.  It’s a great activity that combines technology with good old-fashioned outdoor activity. 

Learning Express database will be available from Ohio Means Jobs

The Ohio Web Library database resources are purchased by the Libraries Connect Ohio partnership, combining Library Services and Technology Act funds from the State Library and state funds from the Ohio Public Library Information Network, OhioLINK, and INFOhio to purchase access to these statewide databases for all Ohioans. They are accessed from the Research Resources tab on the Westlake Porter Public Library homepage.

Patriotism in Pop Culture

This weekend we celebrate Independence Day! Before the library closes in observance for the holiday weekend, be sure to check out some of these recommended items.

It's a Mystery - Judging a Book by Its Cover

I have always been intrigued by book covers.  These covers can draw us in to take a closer look at a book or make us not even consider the novel. They seem to have their own story to tell sometimes.

If you liked Gone Girl…

Maker Club: Raspberry Pi


What is a Raspberry Pi, and is it delicious?

Well, yes and no. “No” in that it’s actually a cheap ($35) credit-card-sized computer invented in the United Kingdom to help children learn programming skills. “Yes” for the same reason! (The name harkens back to the early days of computer companies being named after fruit, such as Apple). You can watch an introductory video about the Raspberry Pi here.

Get Ready for a Jurassic Event!