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If aliens are watching our TV...

A friend of mine on facebook just posted this and I had to share it. This image shows how far our television broadcasts have gone into space (remember the book/movie "Contact?" Same idea).

Facebook uses your photos in random ads!

If you're a Facebook user, this is an important piece of information: your photos and your friends photos, can end up being used in random ads. And, based on the site's terms of use, it's all on the up-and-up.

"Find Help in Tough Times"

Help in Tough Times from the State Library of Ohio The State Library of Ohio has launched a site to help Ohioans in the current economy. The "Find Help in Tough Times" center features links to online resources, and will grow as more valuable resources are discovered.

ExploreOhio on Twitter!


exploreohio logoExploreOhio is a great resource for all sorts of Ohio-related information. Now the site is on Twitter, and will feature updates of all sorts of events and fun places in the state.

What's Twitter? It's that micro-blogging site that everyone is talking about. To follow exploreohio, (or the library's Twitter feed), go to either of these links and click on "Join Twitter" in the upper right-hand corner! You can even have Twitter posts sent to your mobile phone (standard text message rates apply, so if your plan doesn't include unlimited texting then BEWARE).

Google:15 Second Search Tips

Here is a great playlist of 8 super-short videos on special things you can do with Google. Hover over the screen to choose your video or click on the side arrows.

Book Review: The Manga Guide to Databases


If you are learning how to build and use databases, check out this new title: The Manga Guide to Databases. The format of this title is Manga is a format of comic book/graphic novel in Japan. But this title isn't just for fans of fans of the library's manga collection. Manga is commonly used is Japan beyond entertainment purposes, even government reports.

Swine flu: a site from the CDC

swine glu infoThe Centers for Disease Control have launched a new Website for the swine flu outbreak. Included on the site are counts of cases by state, press briefings, travel restrictions, and tips on staying healthy.

What's Really in the Economic Stimulus Plan?

What's really in the Bailout bill? You can find out for yourself much more easily, thanks to, which has created a searchable version of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

To go to the ebook version of the bill, click on this link.

You can either search the bill online, or download it to your computer and use a free download to view and search it. offers a number of free, searchable audiobooks, including Da Vinci's notebooks, The Art of War; and other legislation, like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Patriot Act, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Layoffs: Resources for tough times

If you find yourself out of a job, here are a couple of websites:

Peanut Butter recall: Find Recalled Products--Link has been corrected!!


In response to the salmonella outbreak, the Food and Drug Administration has created a searchable list of products that have been recalled.

You can browse recalls by product category or company, or use a search function. The entire list can be downloaded as a PDF or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

To go to the site, just click on the FDA icon.