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It's a Mystery 9/22/2012

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Up and Coming Mystery Authors

I mentioned in an earlier post that many of our fiction and mystery titles are by authors so popular that we have them on Standing Order.  This means that our book vendor automatically ships us a designated number of copies of new releases by these writers.  Tops among the mystery authors on Standing Order, both in number of copies ordered and in high circulation figures are: Carol Higgins Clark, Harlan Coben, Diane Mott Davidson, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, J. A. Jance, Faye Kellerman, and J. D. Robb.

It's a Mystery 7/19/2012

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From Book to Big and Small Screen

Recently there have been several blockbuster novels made into blockbuster movies, including the Harry Potter series, The Hunger Games series, Twilight series, James Patterson's Alex Cross (partly filmed in Cleveland!), and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.  Many of the movie premieres were characterized by long lines and midnight showings.  Our copies of the books were always checked out, with long waiting lists.

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It's a Mystery 11/1/2011

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It seems fitting that in mystery novels, where things and people are seldom what they seem, you would also find a number of authors who write under pseudonyms, aliases, pen names, etc.  Just  like some of their characters, mystery authors use assumed names to conceal their identities for a variety of reasons.

Writing under an assumed name is not a new trend.  Historically, many women would write under men's names to hide their gender in a male-dominated profession.  One of the most well-known examples is English novelist Mary Anne Evans, who used the pen name George Eliot.  Sometimes women authors would use initials instead of first names (P.D. James), or gender-neutral names.

It's a Mystery 9/19/2011

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Ghosts, Psychics, and Witches, Oh My!

With October fast approaching and the stores already having set up their Halloween displays, it seems like a good time to share with you the growing list of paranormal mystery series available at WPPL.  From angels to vampires there are a variety of subject headings under which these series appear in our catalog.  Here is a list of the mystery authors, their characters, and the paranormal subjects involved, to get you in the mood for some spooky reads.

It's a Mystery 6/30/2011

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Mystery Readers Survey

Sisters in Crime, an organization I have mentioned before, recently released a study they commissioned to learn more about mystery readers and book buying.  Entitled The Mystery Book Consumer in the Digital Age, it examines the purchasing habits of over 1000 mystery readers in 2009/2010.

It's a Mystery 5/17/2011


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