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Books by C.G. Jung

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As promised, here are some titles by C.G. Jung. These should be of interest, not only to Tarot readers seeking to understand the symbolism of the Tarot, but to anyone seeking to understand themselves and the connection between psychology and spirituality for all of us. No one has done more to knit together our understanding of the two arenas of human "beingness".

Items on the first tier are currently in our collection. These include:

Best Tarot Deck/C.G.Jung

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Looking back over past posts, I realized I had promised to recommend books for the intermediate Tarot reader. I intend to fulfill that promise, but I thought I would first address a question that's come up a couple of times lately, regarding the beginning Tarot reader. The question I've been asked, and that beginners invariably ask, is "What's the best Tarot deck?"

Edgy Books in the Reading Room


Does curling up on the couch with a comforter, and a good book sound like a plan for the evening?  Check out these Edgy books in theNonfiction area; they might just hit the spot:

Questions About Tarot

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GREETINGS ALL. As promised, I've been looking at the evaluations collected at our last program. I see that a number of you are interested in Tarot reading. I want to remind you that the library owns many good books on the Tarot. You can find them in the Adult Nonfiction area at the dewey number 133.32424. I've recently done some shifting of the books on the shelves in the 100s area, so those of you who have looked for these books before might be surprised to find that they're not where you expect them to be. But don't despair, they're just arond the corner on the TOP shelf.

If you're a beginning Tarot reader, I recommend you check out one of the following:

A NOTE about Free Astrological Charts from the Internet

A word of caution--when a web site provides free analysis, it's computer generated and not a substitute for the kind of synthesized analysis a real live astrologer will provide. It's not uncommon, in a computer generated report, for one planet placement or aspect to be indicative of a particular personality characteristic, and another to be indicative of its complete opposite. One planet placement or aspect may indicate, for example, that you are "shy and retiring ", and another one will indicate that you are "outgoing and the life of the party".

"Real" astrologers, who generally charge for their reports, will examine your chart in its entirety, looking for patterns and repetitions that will provide a much more accurate and useful picture. In the case referred to above, he or she may see when, and under what circumstances, you are shy and retiring and under what circumstances you are outgoing and the life of the party.  He or she may see that one influence mitigates the other, so that, in fact, you are neither shy nor outgoing, but a more balanced personality. Or he or she may see that you begin life being shy and become outgoing later.

I’m grateful that this information is out there and available for free; but we have to be realistic about what can be done “for FREE”.

Free Birth Charts From the Internet

Greetings All:

 I notice that some of you are interested in knowing where you can get a free astrological birth chart on the internet. The answer is that many websites offer free birth charts.

I did a Google search for the exact phrase "free birth charts" and got pages of hits. It's probably a good idea, if you're interested, to look at a number of these to see what's available. Some of the sites will provide the birth chart with some analysis; others will just provide the chart, itself. Some sites provide other free charts and reports. These are accompanied by advertisements for more extensive and in-depth charts that you can purchase, so if you want FREE, be sure that you are looking in the FREE category.