Tax Resources

It's that time of year again! Time to be thinking about taxes. Here are some links to resources that may be of help to you. These Web sites, some commercial and some governmental, can provide information, answer questions, provide hard-to-get forms instantly. Give them a try!
"An online tax resource dedicated to helping you find the information, news, and forms you need to complete your taxes. Find, download, and print any tax form you need, visit links to the IRS web site, find the answers to your tax questions, and get the latest news and information, all in one location."

CCA Home Page
Tax rates and forms can be found here.

FAFSA - Federal School Codes
Look here to find Federal school codes for FAFSA.

Internal Revenue Service
I.R.S. -- Three letters that strike fear into the hearts of even honest folk. This site, however, is helpful and {SURPRISE!} downright friendly. Go to their home page to explore the entire site.

MSN MoneyCentral Tax Area
Find the answers and tools you need -- and get some advice for next year.

Ohio Department of Taxation
You can get the forms you need to file your state taxes, learn about what rules apply, and read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) ... all by following this link.

Email the Ohio Department of Taxation
Quicken's commercial site offers tax preparation software (TurboTax) as well as lots of tax information and online tools.

The Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA) handles tax collection for many communities in Northeastern Ohio. This web site is designed to assist taxpayers with filing and paying their income tax and to further describe services that RITA provides. Document files with appropriate local forms, tax ordinances, rules and regulations are provided.

Tax Prophet
Lots of tax information covering such topics as saving money on your taxes to whether your baby sitter is your employee. The Tax Prophet is written by Robert L. Sommers of San Francisco, California, with more than 23 years experience as an attorney. He also writes a biweekly tax column for the San Francisco Examiner newspaper.