Have You Had a Close Encounter?


If you’re planning to attend our program on UFOs with Thomas Wertman and you’ve had an experience with UFOs or Alien Life of any kind, yourself, please come prepared to SHARE.

Our speaker is interested in learning of your experiences. There will be a question and answer period at the end of the program—those of you who are not shy can speak up then.

Mr. Wertman will be arriving before 7:00 to make sure that we have no technical glitches—Assuming everything runs smoothly, he’ll be available to chat with some of you, personally, as you come in, so you might want to come a little early. We’ll be serving coffee, tea, and cookies and we’ll have some literature to pick up, so this is always a good idea anyway. Our doors will open at 6:30 pm.

I’m going to go the extra step and write my personal encounter up, so, if nothing else, I can hand it to him before he leaves.

You can also submit your personal experience on the Cleveland Ufology Project website, www.clevelandufo.com, and click Report a Sighting—an investigator will contact you!!

If you haven’t registered yet, and you want to attend, you can do so in person at a public service desk, online on our event calendar, or by calling 440-250-5460.

Until the next time, remember to “Keep your Eye on the Edge”.


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