The "mainstreaming" of fantasy and sci-fi.

It seems like only yesterday that the fantasy genre was reserved for a special few, those who wanted more than what the real world had to offer. It used to be that some people had a negative perception of fantasy literature (especially those who read only "mainstream" literature) as being cheesy, badly written, or cliche.

Then came Harry Potter. Ostensibly written for children, the series was read by everyone, and made into one of the highest grossing movie series of all time.

Tolkien made a comeback with Peter Jackson's hugely popular and award winning Lord of the Rings trilogy, and currently George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones is keeping viewers glued to the tube.

Add to that list the Twilight series, which brought vampires and werewolves out of the horror genre and made them sexy. Now they are seemingly everywhere, including books, on television, and movies. Even Abe Lincoln has taken up vampire hunting.

How about this...a future Earth where children fight to the death for both entertainment and survival? Sci-fi? Yes. Also, a series of YA books, again read by everyone, and made into a popular movie, The Hunger Games.

How long will the mainstream ride the fantasy/sci fi bandwagon? No one knows. But until then if you can't find your favorite genre in the usual section of the library, don't forget to check in general fiction!

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