Bad Glass by Richard E. Gropp.

Something is wrong in Spokane.
The area has been (mostly) evacuated and the military isn't letting anyone in.
The stories that leak out are unbelievable.

The mayor seemingly just disappears in the middle of a press conference.
People and things that don't belong are suddenly appearing, and strange noises come from nowhere.
Objects and flesh become fused in ways that should not be possible.
Conspiracy theories start to run wild. Was this the result of a biological experiment gone wrong, was it a failed military project, a terror attack, a mass hallucination, a rip in space-time, an alternate dimension showing through?
Yet, despite the strange happenings a number of civilians choose to remain inside the city.
Dean is a recent college grad with nothing better to do and a need to prove himself who heads to Spokane to take pictures from inside the city and maybe find out what's really going on.
What he finds is more than he can handle.

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