Deathworld by Harry Harrison

Jason dinAlt is a professional gambler who uses his somewhat erratic psionic abilities to his advantage in the casinos. While on a gambling trip he meets a man from the planet Pyrrus who offers him a cut of a huge potential pot if he will help him win. Jason has nothing better to do and is feeling somewhat restless, so he invites himself along on the trip back to Pyrrus even though he is warned against it.
The planet is beset with with frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, floods and high levels of radiation.
Pyrrus has been colonized for mining, but only the heartiest of humans dare set foot there, and even then they have guns permanently attached to their arms.
When Pyrrus was first colonized, it was considerably more hospitable, but the plants and animals of Pyrrus have learned to adapt and quickly evolve into super killing machines. Why is the planet trying to kill the settlers? And what about the stories of the people who survive outside the city walls?
After a futile attempt at acclimating to the harsh planet, dinAlt turns his attentions toward solving the planet's mysteries and saving the faltering colony.
If you are a fan of classic adventure sci-fi, this is a fun read. You can picture it being made into a late 60s low budget film. Enjoy!

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