Boy, oh Boy, oh Boyle!

Okay, so I’m not a huge fan of Susan Boyle. Yes, I saw her amazing performance on YouTube. Simon was wowed and I was too. (We have things in common, such as the fact that we’re both smart alecks.)


 I ordered her new album, Standing Ovation: The Greatest Songs From The Stage and listened to it while I was sewing the other day. I actually stopped sewing to listen to it. I was amazed again. She is definitely in her element and has much more control of her voice. I am even going to go as far to say that her duets with Donny Osmond were great. I was a huge Donny Osmond fan when I was a child, and she puts him to shame. He was enjoyable, but she outshines him.    

Standing Ovation is also available for free at Freegal Music through our library. Have questions or need help downloading? Call us and we can help you out!

Two people have stopped to ask who I am listening to as I sit here writing this. Good job Susan, you are stopping people in their tracks by your tracks. Take a moment and listen.


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