I have to tell you, I suffer from FOMO. Yes, I know, but thank goodness it’s not contagious.

FOMO: The Fear of Missing Out. Do you have it? Do you check your Facebook page several times a day? Are you afraid that if you don’t check it for an ENTIRE weekend, you may have missed out on something? Did someone have a party? You missed it. Did someone have a birthday? You missed it.

The Grammy’s were on. Did you miss it? Worried (or hopeful) someone had a wardrobe malfunction? They didn’t. I made sure to watch it, so right there, it wouldn’t have happened.

I HAD to watch the Oscars last week. Why? Again, what if someone tripped in her beautiful gown and I would have had to hear about it later! (Oh, wait, that did happen; sorry Jennifer, you know you’ll never hear the end of it.)

Okay, the Grammy’s were over a couple week ago, and I’m finally getting around to writing about them. In a nutshell, I loved it. Some things more than others. Here are a few of my memorable moments:

Taylor Swift? Never understand the costumes that go with her songs. Weird.

Ed Sheeran and Elton John. I loved the duet. I was a bit worried at first, Elton loves being the star of the show, but he was more background and gave Sheeran a chance to shine a bit. (Elton’s coat shined enough and I’m guessing it is dry clean only; loved that his glasses matched the color of his shirt.)

What can I say about Mumford & Sons? Album = Swoonheart.

Justin Timberlake. By the look of my FB friends, they were thrilled to see he’s back. (And yes, I was keeping tabs on what my friends had to say on FB during the Grammys and the Academy Awards.) The sepia was a nice touch. Btw, his 20/20 Experience album comes out March 19th; and if you liked the song “Suit & Tie” you can get it NOW from Freegal on our website!

The Bob Marley tribute was excellent as well as the Levon Helm tribute. Mavis Staples was so into it that she kept on singing! Wasn’t that great?

Ok, who besides me thinks that Jack White looks like a cross between Johnny Depp as Willie Wonka, and Robert Helpmann as the Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang? Again, weird.

Adele: amazing voice. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to be able to belt out a song and not look like you’ve spent any energy? And she looked great! But what was Adele thinking for the Grammys? I would have thought Bob Mackie designed that dress from a dining room rug my grandmother would have had in her dining room instead of the drapes he used for Carol Burnett in “Went With The Wind!” from the “Carol Burnett Show”. I’ve been dying to talk about that dress. I couldn’t decide if she looked like a cupcake, wallpaper, or what. Then it hit me, rug.

So, can’t wait to get the 2013 Grammys Album? Here are some artists that are available for FREE on Freegal through our library:
              Kelly Clarkson           Alabama Shakes              Carrie Underwood
              P!nk                  Mumford & Sons                  Jack White
             Adele                    Chris Brown                       Pitbull

For the Oscars, I’d like to say I was sitting there in my ball gown, with paper and pen in one hand and my ipad in my other, waiting to see if my FB friends and I agree on winners, loser, and obviously, what they are (or aren’t) wearing. And I was, just in my jammies. 

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