RIP Frederik Pohl

Frederik Pohl, one of the great science fiction authors and editors of the late 20th century, died Monday, Sept. 9, 2013. He was 93. Pohl was known as a dark humorist and satirist in novels.

"Pohl's characters are people on the edge -- of society, of their world, of disaster, of time -- people shoved to the margins who then volunteer for the arena," James Sallis wrote in the Los Angeles Times in 2006. "His stories are well-crafted machines that do precisely -- with no waste of motion, and indeed with something very like elegance -- just what they were built for."

The following titles by Frederik Pohl are available in the Science Fiction area at WPPL:
All the lives he led by Frederik Pohl.
Gateway by Frederik Pohl.
The other end of time by Frederik Pohl.
The last theorem by Clarke, Arthur C. Clarke and Frederik Pohl.
The space merchants by Frederik Pohl and C.M. Kornbluth (found in American science fiction: four classic novels, 1953-1956)
Other titles can be obtained through Search Ohio and Ohio Link.

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