Consumer Information

American Institute of Philanthropy: This site evaluates about 400 American charities; its goal is to help you make the most of your charitable contributions.

Annual Credit Report: Source for truly free credit reports from the nation's top three credit bureaus. You may only request one free report annually.

Bank Rates: Local bank rate information for mortgage, car loan or home equity line of credit. Includes financial calculators.

Better Business Bureau: Contains alerts, news, and charity information. Resource library contains buying guides and pamphlets listed by subject. Can't decide which product to buy? This site allows you to select the criteria which meet your needs & they provide you with a recommendation. Searches can be done by price & features, brand and model. Or just look at their recommendations. Great site for computer consumer information. Sponsored by C|Net.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Atlanta: A great site with lots of tips on how to get rid of your debt and stay out of debt.

Consumer Guide - GTE Superpages: They give a best buy guide to many products; from baby products to washing machines, automobiles to telephones. Includes different price ranges.

Consumer Information Center: Includes hundreds of federal consumer publications. They can be ordered for a fee or printed for free. Topics include children, cars, money, food & nutrition, small businesses, employment and much more.

Consumer Law Page: This site contains legal information. It includes links to articles, brochures as well as links to other legal sources on the Internet.

Consumer Product Safety Commission: This government site allows searching for products that have been recalled. Items such as lamps, blinds, baby products and many other household items.

Consumer Reports Online: From the publishers of Consumer Reports Magazine. Some articles are free, many are only available to subscribers. There is at least one article in each category available for free.

Consumer World: A gold mine of consumer information, with over 1,700 links. This site has company information, mortgage rates, discount travel, credit card rates, auto costs, consumer rights and product reviews.

ConsumerSearch: Site includes three types of information for many type of products including housewares, kitchen items, automotive, and electronics. For each item information includes, "All The Reviews Reviewed": their ranking and descriptions of all the top reviews, complete with links; "Full Story": their complete analysis of who the experts are and what they say; and "Fast Answers": their listing of the top-rated products, according to the experts.

Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer: Dave answers many of your computer questions to guide you through the computer buying process. Lots of helpful information, including explanation of computer terms.

Do Not Call Registry: "Most telemarketers cannot call your telephone number if it is in the National Do Not Call Registry. You can register your home and mobile phone numbers here for free. Your registration will be effective for five years."

Dr. Toy's Guide: Online Magazine for Toy Information: This site rates and reviews hundreds of toys. Categories include "Best Classic toys," "Best Vacation Products," and "Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products Awards."

Edmund's Automobile Information: Check out the prices of both new and used cars. Car buying tips available here also.

Epinions: is an unbiased buying guide where consumers can tell each other what to buy and what to avoid. does not edit reviews. Reviewers are encouraged to be forthright and highlight both positives and negatives. This site also has links to
professional reviews.

Federal Trade Commission: This site gives consumer alerts and lists frauds that should be watched for.

First Federal of Lakewood: Site includes current information on interest rates & on-line financial calculators.

Good Housekeeping Institute: Every month they add a review for a consumer product. Topics
covered include washing machines, video cameras, gas ranges and more.

Household Products Database: Find health & safety information on household products at this web site from U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health.

Insurance News Network: Find out about auto, home and different types of life insurance. This site answers many insurance questions. Topics include why some vehicles are more to insure than others and future insurance trends. Get a quote for auto, life, home & renters, health or pet insurance.

My Coupons Savings Central: offers services like Shopping Boards, Prize giveaways, coupons, and free email services more! However, you do need to register for your FREE email. Even if you don't register, there are coupons and shopping information for everyone.

National Association of Consumer Advocates

National Charities Information Bureau: Before giving to a charity find out about it here. Every two weeks this site features an in depth report on a charity. This site also gives a list of useful tips for making charitable contributions.

National Fraud Information Center: Here you can find help in avoiding fraud. Some topics included are telemarketing fraud. fraud against the elderly, and Internet fraud.

National Safety Council: Information on everything from airbags to radon. This site is well-planned and up-to-date.

Ohio Consumers' Counsel: Need help decoding your utility bills, reading your gas/electric/water meters, this site will help you do this. There is also information on avoiding telephone scams.

Ohio Department of Insurance Consumer Guide - Long-Term Care: "This guide describes the personal factors you should consider in deciding whether to purchase long-term care insurance. Explains how coverage works and the variables that can be part of a long-term care insurance policy. Answers common questions and gives shopping tips. Shows sample company premiums based on your current age. Offers complaint comparisons about companies. Contains a glossary of common definitions of long-term care words and phrases. Outlines new Ohio insurance laws designed to protect the LTC Insurance consumer." This site also contains information on purchasing other types of insurance including auto, health, life homeowners, managed care, annuities, and medical supplemental.

PUCO Apples to Apples: The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio produces the Apples to Apples chart to provide consumers with a "snapshot" comparison of current supplier price options, contract terms, and an estimated annual total cost for gas and electric utilities in the state. Looking for an apartment? This site lists many apartment complexes - includes pictures and floor plans. Compare electronics and major appliances that are on sale this week. Instead of looking through the Sunday sale circular you can search for the product you are interested in and get a list of which store has it on sale and for how much.