Pillars of the Sun

In the mornings and evenings of the cold seasons we are occasionally favored with glorious sunrises and sunsets. A few of those beautiful moments boast something beyond colored clouds and sky; they host sun pillars!

New Easy Readers 12/11/11

Winter doesn't officially begin until December 22nd, but it sure feels like winter to me! When the snow starts falling and falling and falling I love to snuggle in my favorite chair next to the fireplace with a fluffy blanket, a BIG mug of hot chocolate and a good book. Here's a few new winter easy reader books that I just finished reading and wanted to share with you!

New Picture Books 12/11/11

The snow is soon to be falling and books are always calling! Cuddling up on the couch or in your favorite chair is a great way to stay warm this winter! The Youth Services Department has TONS of picture books to keep your children busy during winter break. Stop in, take a look and take home a book (or two)!

December lunar eclipse? Sorry!

NASA Night Sky Network image of Total Lunar EclipseOn the morning of Saturday, December 10, 2011 there will be a total lunar eclipse. While much of North America will be in a position to see this natural wonder, those of us east of the Mississippi are out of luck! Timing is everything in this case.

POST-ECLIPSE UPDATE: An excellent collection of December 10 eclipse photos is "up" and growing at . Visit:

It's a Mystery 12/1/2011

Which ereader should I buy?

At the library, we get asked point blank, "What should I buy?" when it comes to ereaders.

November Reflections/ New Books/ Magic/ Approaching Astrological Influences


With Thanks giving just around the corner and the winter holidays on the horizon, tradition encourages us to engage in certain kinds of reflection. We take stock of our lives, feel gratitude for what we have, and mark out a plan for the coming year.  How will we improve our situation? Can we have more of what we want? What do we really need?

Check out these books, currently in the New Room, which address these concerns in an Edgy way.


Asteroid just passin' thru

Tomorrow evening (Tuesday, Nov. 8) at about 6:28, a space rock a little over 1,300 feet in diameter will pass within about 202,000 miles of Earth. It will not hit our home planet nor will it have any other effect on us; it's just passin' through. Designated 2005 YU55, it is a potentially hazardous asteroid because of its size and near-Earth orbit. It was discovered on December 28, 2005 by Robert S. McMillan at Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak, Ariz.

Mind Over Matter

November for Blog.png

Hello to All:

October is over and, with that, the displays on occult knowledge and paranormal phenomena are no longer up.  If you're still in the mood, you can find most of this material in the 130s area.  This would include anything on ghosts, hauntings, spirit possession, etc.  Witchcraft and Wizardry is at 133.4.  Check out the 299 area for information on Wicca, Druidry and other ancient religions. Metaphysical philosophy and materials on the nature of "evil" are in the 110s. 

Remaining bookmarks are in the plastic holders on the end cap at the end of the 100s.

The November display on my end cap features items, I believe Edge readers will be interested in, that are in sync with the Thanksgiving season. 

I'm going to focus initially on materials that explore the effect our thoughts have on material reality

It's a Mystery 11/1/2011

cover artcover artcover artcover art


It seems fitting that in mystery novels, where things and people are seldom what they seem, you would also find a number of authors who write under pseudonyms, aliases, pen names, etc.  Just  like some of their characters, mystery authors use assumed names to conceal their identities for a variety of reasons.

Writing under an assumed name is not a new trend.  Historically, many women would write under men's names to hide their gender in a male-dominated profession.  One of the most well-known examples is English novelist Mary Anne Evans, who used the pen name George Eliot.  Sometimes women authors would use initials instead of first names (P.D. James), or gender-neutral names.