Dover Literary Society

In Dover Township, Ohio in the year 1882 a group of local young people joined together to create a social and intellectual group called the Dover Literary Society. The Society’s Constitution stated the following: “Wishing to form an effective organization for the purpose of mutual help and improvement and as one of the means to this end to establish and sustain a Library.”
The Dover Literary Society planned a variety of readings and concerts since its conception, soliciting talented performers from as far away as Oberlin, Ohio. Debates were planned well in advance and included controversial topics of the time: Does poverty or riches develop the character best? Is prohibition more effective than license against the evils of intemperance? Which was the greater president, Washington or Lincoln?

Take a look at some new holiday books

With Christmas right around the corner, I thought I would give everyone a sneak peak of some of our newest holiday books to arrive in the Youth Services Department.

How the Easter Bunny Saved Christmas by Derek Alexander
When Santa is unable to make his night ride, Mrs. Claus calls on a friend to help spread the holiday cheer.

A Very Krusty Christmas
Christmas is coming to Spongebob's town and he must decorate the town to celebrate. Spongebob's decorating goes a little too far and suddenly the town is dark.

DVD News

There is a new way to check out DVDs at the library! The Friends of the Library have donated the funds for our new Intelligent Media Manager (IMM). It's the large black machine located across from the Circulation Desk. The IMM stores, dispenses, and checks out DVDs. If you find a DVD cover on our shelves without a clear plastic security case and with no DVD inside, it's in the IMM. What next? Take the cover and your library card to the IMM.

Jack Miner

"Success is a journey; not a destination," Jack Miner said. Westlake residents pass the Ohio Historical Marker on Dover Center Road every day, but may know little about the man this marker commemorates. Jack Miner, noted naturalist, author, and lecturer, was born in Dover Village in 1865. He lived in a small weather-beaten house with a leaky roof just south of the area where Jenkins Funeral Chapel now stands.

New Picture Books 11/27/06

Here's a list of brand new picture books in the Youth Services Department. Stop on by and check one out.

A Nose Like A Hose by Jenny Samuels
This is a silly story about a little elephant and all the things he can do with his nose.

How Do I Love You by Leslie Kimmelman
A mommy crocodile counts all the ways that she loves her child.

Martin MacGregor's Snowman by Lisa Broadie Cook

Sleigh Ride Competition (1855-56)

Falling snow in the winter of 1855-1856 provided the citizens of Cuyahoga, Summit and Medina counties with about 100 days of continuous sledding. The friendly competition began in February of 1855 when the people of Solon Township organized a sleigh ride using seven four-horse teams. The sleighs’ destination? Akron, Ohio. The Solon team decorated a cotton flag with stars and stripes and a symbol of their own making, the bold profile of a thumb to the nose with fingers extended.

Favorite Picture Books 11/16/06

Hi Everyone! My name is Jamie and I am the Early Learning Specialist for the Youth Services Department. One of my duties is to select and order picture books for the library. I thought I would share a few of my favorite picture books with you.
Here we go...

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
This is one of my most favorite children's books. I remember asking my mom to read this book to me every night before bed.

Book Discussion Group Date Change

The 4th Wednesday afternoon book discussion group is changing its December meeting date. We will be meeting on Wednesday December 20th at 2:00pm, instead of December 27th due to the holidays. Our book for discussion will be Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg.

Dover Village Bucket Brigade (circa 1906)

When fire broke out in the Phillips Hotel on Center Ridge Road in 1906, the Dover Township Methodist Church bell clanged long and hard, a cry for help. Everyone able rushed to the scene, and the Dover Bucket Brigade was formed. Since a supply of spirits was stored in the basement of the hotel, the volunteer firefighters made every effort to save the stash. Although the fire won the match, the spirits were somehow rescued. As a result, several members of the Bucket Brigade salvaged their own spirits as soon as the fire was out.

Clouds, telescopes, and Mercury

"Will the telescopes be set up?" We frequently get that question when we have an astronomy program scheduled at the library. The telescopes that I, along with other astronomy club members, bring to the library are very good but we can't see through clouds. That's one reason the Hubble Space Telescope is so valuable -- it isn't affected by weather. It's also the reason so many astronomers live in Arizona!