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It's A Mystery 1/13/09

Beginnings and Endings

The close of 2008 allows us to take another look at some of the news that caught the attention of mystery readers in the last year.

Among the notable authors who passed away in 2008 were these mystery writers:

  • Oakley Hall (Ambrose Bierce series)
  • Tony Hillerman (Jim Chee/Joe Leaphorn series)
  • Gregory McDonald (Fletch series)
  • Margaret Truman Daniel (Capital Crimes, Washington, D.C. mysteries)
  • Donald Westlake (Dortmunder series)

2008 also saw some mystery writers return to their popular series after an absence of a number of years.

  • Winter Study by Nevada Barr (Anna Pigeon series - 3 years)
  • Degrees of Separation by Sue Henry (Jessie Arnold's Alaska series - 3 years)
  • Private Patient by P.D. James (Adam Dalgliesh series - 3 years)
  • People Who Walk in the Darkness by Stuart Kaminsky (Inspector Rostnikov - 7 years)
  • Laughter of Dead Kings by Elizabeth Peters (Vicky Bliss series - 14 years, and also, the final book of the series)
  • King of the Holly Hop by Les Roberts (Milan Jacovich, Cleveland - 6 years)

The following are some of the 2008 debut mysteries that have been very popular with WPPL readers.

  • In the Dismal Swamp by Patrick Balester (Fish and Wildlife agent in Virginia)
  • Eye of Jade by Diane Wei Liang (female Private Investigator in Beijing)
  • They Did it With Love by Kate Morgenroth (murder in a book club in Connecticut)
  • A Little Trouble With the Facts by Nina Siegel (obit journalist/amateur sleuth, NY)
  • Carrion Death by Michael Stanley (police detective in Botswana)
  • Expert in Murder by Nicola Upson (author Josephine Tey featured as the sleuth)
  • Blood Detective by Dan Waddell (genealogist assists Scotland Yard investigation)
  • The Calling by Inger Ashe Wolfe (female Ontario Police Inspector tracks serial killer)



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