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Ender in Exile


If you like your series fiction nice and linear, Orson Scott Card would drive you nuts. Ender in Exile displaces Speaker for the Dead as the sequel to the classic Ender's Game, filling in some of the massive gap in time and space between those two novels.

Ender in Exile picks up in the immediate aftermath of the conclusion to the third war with an insect race, which has launched human colonization into numerous different worlds. Ender is still a teenager, and still at Battle School, waiting to learn whether he will be able to return to Earth. Ultimately, be begins his to many new worlds, stopping first at the colony "Shakespeare," where he finds something that will determine his course for the rest of his life.

Beyond it's place between the first two books in the "Ender's Saga," this latest novel incorporates elements from other novels in the broader "Enderverse." Fans of the series will find common themes, and new characters. The reforming of the bond between Ender and his older sister, Valentine--strained by his years away at Battle School--adds some richness.


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