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New Picture Books 6/8/09

Hey Kids!
Are you ready for summer vacation? Be sure to stop into the library Wednesday June 10 or any day after to sign up for our summer reading program. We have tons of new picture books, easy readers and juvenile fiction books just waiting to go home with you!

I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll
For some reason kids are convinced they have monsters in their room, usually under their bed, that appear around bed time. Ethan is a little boy who instead of being scared of his monster, needs him to fall asleep. Gabe, Ethan's monster, decides to take a fishing trip. Once Ethan finds this note he tries to find a suitable substitute for Gabe but no other monster has claws or a tail quite as scary as his. Gabe soon returns after he decides fishing isn't really his sport. Ethan and Gabe are made for each other.

Farmer Joe and the Music Show by Tony Mitton
With the help of his instrument-playing friends, Farmer Joe has his hens clucking, his pigs dancing, and his cows mooing to a country music show.
A Book by Mordicai Gerstein
"Once in a book by Mordecai Gerstein ... there lived a family of characters." This is the tale of one little girl's search for her own story.
Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Two unseen characters argue about whether the creature they are looking at is a rabbit or a duck.
*This super cute book is one of Miss Jamie's new favorite stories to share*
Yum! Yum! What Fun! by Mara Bergman
A menagerie of animals sneaks into the home of budding bakers Katie and James. The smell of fresh-baked bread attracts a crocodile, who does his best to hide behind the coat rack. Then camel, snake, and zebra conceal themselves, too, as the kids wrestle for spoons, dump bowls, and generally make a mess. The arrival of a large brown bear creates a panic for everyone, but he assures the crowd that he only wants bread, and a feast ensues, ending just before Mom’s arrival home.

Wishing you a safe and healthy summer!
Miss Jamie


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