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New Easy Readers! 6-30-09

Hooray it's a beautiful summer day! Okay, well maybe not so beautiful, but it is a summer day! One of my favorite activities to do on a rainy day is read! Here are some new easy readers that are waiting for you take them home and read (rain or shine of course)!
Counting on a Win by Marcie Aboff
Jody's little brother Max wants Freddy the frog, a prize at the games along the beach. She hasn't been lucky yet, but maybe she just needs a few more tries. Will her money add up for another chance?
Sam and the Bag by Alison Jeffries
Sam the cat joins his friends Hap and Max in playing with a bag. Includes activities and tips for helping a child become a better reader.

Pixie Hollow Paint Day by Tennant Redbank
Art-talent fairy Bess asks her fairy friends to come to a party and help make more paint so that she can finish her new painting.
Another Pet by Trisha Shaskan
After a trip to the zoo Dennis wants a pet in addition to his dog Snips, but when he considers the challenges of housing a giraffe or an octopus, he has second thoughts.
Camden's Game by Trisha Shaskan
Camden loves to play basketball with his mother, and while he plays he wonders if he dribbles better than an ostrich, runs faster than a cheetah or jumps as high as a frog.

Enjoy your summer vacation!
Miss Jamie


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