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New Easy Readers 8/3/09

Do you have a child just beginning to read or a good reader that just isn't quite ready for those big chapter books yet? Stop in and take a look at our easy reader collection. We have an entire wall of beginning readers for you to browse. Our easy reader collection is broken into four color coated levels:
White Stickers - Pre-emergent books are for the brand new reader. These books contain large print, few words per page and
large pictures. Many pre-emergent readers include a list of the high-frequency words used in the books.

Orange Stickers - Emergent books typically have more text than books at the pre-emergent level but still feature large print and
plenty of white space. Emergent readers have more text to decode and a more complex storyline to follow.

Green Stickers - Books at the early fluent level have smaller type size than pre-emergent and emergent readers, fewer or
smaller pictures and more advanced vocabulary. These books also have a more complicated storyline.

Blue Stickers - Readers at this stage have successfully moved from “learning to read” to “reading independently”. They are
reading the easy reader chapter books and fast approaching the Juvenile Fiction collection.

*A printable version of definitions is available at (click on kidspace)

New easy readers to our collection include:

book cover imageBack to School is Cool by Jim Jinkins
When her little brother Tyler is nervous about his first day of school, Pinky Dinky Doo tells him a story about the time she and her friends had really bad hair days when school pictures were scheduled.
book cover imageThe Pizza that We Made by Joan Holub
Three young cooks have fun making their own pizza, cleaning up their mess, and eating hot slices!
book cover imageThe Best Soccer Player by Susan Blackaby
When the children play soccer, Katy is the best player of them all.
book cover imageBailey's Bike by Lori Mortensen
When Bailey rides his bike, he can become almost anything he imagines.
book cover imageClink's the Robot by Christianne Jones
Zach and his favorite toy, Clinks the robot, play together every day, but at night the mechanical plaything has a life of its own.
Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Miss Jamie


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