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Google Instant

Today, Google made a pretty big announcement, Google Instant. What's the big deal? Already Google suggests new keywords at you are entering your search. So, if you enter the term "major" the terms "league baseball" are suggested in a dropdown menu. With Google Instant, you see actual search results as you type. So, when you enter just the word "major", search results automatically appear, the first being "MLB Games."

With Google Instant, you get not only faster searches, but also more search results. And as you start seeing search results as you type, you can refine your search, which means making fewer searches in order to find what you want.

As of right now, and I mean today--Google Instant is being rolled out gradually--it is available if you use the Google Chrome browser and have a Google account, which is free. Just log in, fire up Chrome, and you can try it out for yourself. Otherwise, Google will be coming to other browsers over a few weeks.


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