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The Great Field: soul at play in a conscious universe by John James, PhD 110 J27g 2007

In The Great Field: soul at play in a conscious universe, author, John James, weaves together the ideas of modern science (quantum physics and string theory), and ancient and indigenous religion to explain "transpersonal psychology". Transpersonal psychology is an approach to psychology that has, as its foundation, the belief that the human psyche is affected by forces that cannot be observed with the five senses, forces that are outside of our "personal" experience.

It is a complicated and fascinating theory in which he proposes that we are part of a universe that is fully conscious, a universe that can be altered by the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of the entire human community both NOW and for as long as there has been a human community, by the community of other life, wherever it is--AND that it, in turn, has an influence on us.

Anything, happening anywhere in the universe is instantly transferred to every other part of the universe, via waves in complex electro-magnetic fields and through matter that is energetic. AND, as we are part of that universe, anything that happens anywhere in the universe is transferred instantly to us. Read the author's fascinating exploration of reincarnation, experiences of transcendence and enlightenment, of genius and of the divine. This is one of the best books I've ever read.


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