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The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe by Marija Gimbutas 202.11 G491g

Have you ever wondered about your ancestors? How did they live? What did they think? What did they feel? What was their religion? Did they question the meaning of life? Ask why threre was pain? Did they fear death? What came between paintings on cave walls and the beginnings of civilization?

Read this fascinating book, containing hundreds of illuminating drawings and photographs of artifacts found in archeological digs conducted in Eastern and South Eastern Europe between 1967 and 1980. The author, Marija Gimbutas, a Lithuanian archeologist, linguist and expert on Lithuanian folklore, who died in 1994, describes, categorizes and interprets these artifacts, providing us an eye-opening view into cultures (6500-3500 BC) that predate Ancient Greece and Rome--and even Egypt-- by thousands of years.

She opens a window into their everyday life, their technology, their world-view and their spirituality. The artwork , some of which is exquisite, illustrates not only their aesthetic sense, but also, the depth of their intellect. These are cultures that are often described simply as “stone age farming communities” but are shown here to have been so much more.

Originally published in 1974, revised in 1982, reprinted in 2007.
See also--The Language of the Goddess--by the same author, also in our collection
(201.43 G491L 1989).


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