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Betsey Crocker

Betsey Crocker was the first school teacher in Dover Township, Ohio. Betsey taught in a log schoolhouse on the lake shore in 1816. The school stood five “rods” from Lake Erie on the north side of Lake Road, a 36 foot square building, never painted, and without the benefit of a fence surrounding it. A 20 foot woodshed was attached to the school’s east side. Rows of seats lined the west, north and east walls inside the school building. The south wall had a shelf for bonnets and shawls and a blackboard for figuring. A stove, table, and bench were the only other furniture in the school. When the weather was warm, the girls used the woodshed as a playhouse, sweeping it clean and using evergreen branches and shells gathered from the beach for decoration. Girls dressed in clean calico dresses with sack aprons. Spelling was a favorite subject since the best speller received a prize. Betsey’s sister, Philena Crocker, also taught in the log school. When Philena began teaching, she was only 14 years old.


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