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Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha 306.7 R988S 2010

book cover imageAn illuminating and provocative inquiry into how our most ancient ancestors were sexual. For centuries, it has been thought that monogamy is and was the norm among human populations. In some paradigms, room was made for polygamy as well, but this analysis of evidence drawn from diverse areas of study: primatology, anthropology, archaeology, biology and psychology ---tells a different story.

Is there a biological explanation for why so many marriages end in divorce? Why does passion wane in a long term relationship? Doesn’t it seem that men and women are mismatched when it comes to the timing of their sexual response? What selective forces could be responsible for the difference? What survival benefit is achieved because of it? Read this fascinating work to find out. Well-written in a very entertaining style, the authors present very difficult material in a light, easy, and often humorous way. You won’t be disappointed.


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