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Free Birth Charts From the Internet

Greetings All:

 I notice that some of you are interested in knowing where you can get a free astrological birth chart on the internet. The answer is that many websites offer free birth charts.

I did a Google search for the exact phrase "free birth charts" and got pages of hits. It's probably a good idea, if you're interested, to look at a number of these to see what's available. Some of the sites will provide the birth chart with some analysis; others will just provide the chart, itself. Some sites provide other free charts and reports. These are accompanied by advertisements for more extensive and in-depth charts that you can purchase, so if you want FREE, be sure that you are looking in the FREE category.

I looked at a few of them, and recommended this one to someone who called.  The site is called, "Cafe Astrology" and the web address is

It generates a seventeen page report that includes a table of the location of the planets in the signs and houses.  I especially like it because it also provides information on the location of asteroids in your chart and on aspects. As you get more into astrology, you'll want to know this. The tables and analysis come first; the actual chart does not appear until the end of the report.

To use any of the websites to obtain a free birth or other chart, you will have to provide your exact time of birth, to the minute, and the city in which you were born.


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