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Halfway to Black Friday: Memorial Day Sales

Ever wonder why we buy what we buy? Why do we buy certain brands and not others? Why do we shop at certain times during the year? How much does advertising really impact our buying habits? Marketing guru Martin Lindstrom explores these questions and many more in his book Buy ology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy (Doubleday, New York: 2008).

As you get ready to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend, you may remember and honor family, friends, and fellow citizens who have served or presently serve our country by attending a parade, flying your flag, gathering for a picnic with others, and traveling to visit loved ones. With extra leisure time, you may also be lured to the stores to shop. For many years retailers have capitalized (pun intended) on holidays, when many Americans are home from work, to promote special sales and deals. If you are a year-round deal seeker, you may actually find better deals outside of the holidays. However, there are some good deals on donation items to be had right now, including the ones listed below.



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