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Thanks to Everyone Who Attended Our Recent Program on "Psychic Reading"


Thanks to everyone who attended our recent program on "Psychic Reading". I've breezed through the evaluation sheets, and know that most of you had a good time and learned some things. I'll be going through these more carefully and thoroughly as soon as I have a break in my other duties, and will answer any questions and address any concerns I find.

If you forgot to indicate on the evaluation sheet that you want to be included on the email distribution list we use to notify regular attendees of upcoming programs, you can still do so.  Just supply it to any staff member at an adult area public service desk or email me at

The display of books on "Psychic Abilities" is no longer on the mobile unit at the front of the library, but the reading lists are still available in the plastic holders at the back of the endcap display near the 100s and 200s.   Remember recently added books are housed in the New Nonfiction area of the Reading Room at the front of library .

Check back here in coming days; I plan to feature reviews and commentaries on New Arrivals and Old Favorites on topics Edge readers will be interested in.  I'll also have some recommendations regarding great websites and I'll keep you advised of progress toward putting together a discussion group that will meet on a regular basis.




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