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Couponing Librarian, 08/31/2011: Help Erase Teacher-Funded Classrooms

As the child of two former teachers, the spouse of a teacher, and a former teacher myself, I know that teachers spend hundreds (and sometimes much more!) of dollars of their own money on classroom supplies every year. OfficeMax is aware of this, too, and has partnered with Adopt-a-Classroom to create a program called A Day Made Better, which is a one-day event that awards more than 1,200 teachers with more than $1,000 each in school supplies. This year's event, which marks the fifth anniversary of the program, will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

To contribute to this program, visit your local OfficeMax and look for the A Day Made Better donation box in the front of the store. Purchase school supplies and put them in the box, and they will be distributed to schools in your area.

Not sure what to purchase? OfficeMax has carts full of items, found near the donation box, that you can buy for $1, $3, and $5. If you want to do your own shopping, check out the great deals available this week (Sunday, Aug. 28 through Saturday, Sep. 3):

1 cent

  • Metal compass or 6" plastic protractor (limit 3; reg. $1.49)
  • OfficeMax 8.5" x 11" multipurpose copy paper, 500 sheets (limit 2; you pay $6.99 and receive $6.98 in MaxPerks Bonus Rewards)
  • OfficeMax 12" ring-binder ruler (limit 3; reg. 99 cents)
  • Schoolio 2-pocket folder (available with or without fasteners in assorted colors; limit 5; reg. 25 cents)


15 cents

  • Schoolio Classic Fineline or Broadline markers, 10 pk. (limit 3; reg. $2.99)


30 cents

  • Schoolio 1" or 1.5" poly binder (limit 5; reg. $1.49 - $1.99)


50 cents

  • Westcott 5" scissors, 2 pk., pointed or blunt tips (limit 3; reg. $2.79)


2 for $1

  • OfficeMax premium laminated folder, available with four pockets or two pockets and fasteners (buy one at regular price of 79 cents)
  • Really Useful 0.14-liter mini storage box (buy one at regular price of 99 cents)



  • Scotch Magic Tape in dispenser OR OfficeMax 2" x 2" self-stick note cube (reg. $1.99 to $2.49)


2 for $3

  • OfficeMax 3- or 5-subject notebook, wide or college rule; excludes poly notebooks; mix and match from same item type and brand only (buy one at regular price of between $2.99 and $3.79)
  • Schoolio crayons, 64 pk. or washable paints; mix and match from same item type and brand only (buy one at regular price of between $2.49 and $3.19)
  • Westcott 5" scissors; mix and match from same item type and brand only; excludes multipacks (buy one at regular price of between $1.49 and $4.29)


2 for $5

  • Bic Brite Liner yellow or assorted highlighters, 5 pk.; mix and match from same item only; cannot be combined with in-store coupon (buy one at regular price of between $3.29 and $3.59)
  • Mead 8.5" x 11" college-ruled filler paper, 200 sheets; mix and match from same item only (buy one at regular price of $3.99)
  • OfficeMax 1" durable view binder; mix and match from same item only (buy one at regular price of $4.79)


Additional OfficeMax deals this week

Go to, click the link for the weekly ad, and go to page 13 for printable coupons for in-store items. The best coupons are:

  • Just Basics ballpoint pens, 10 pk. - 10 cents (limit 3; reg. 99 cents)
  • Post-It Super Sticky Notes, 5 pk. - $3 (limit 4; reg. $8.29 to $10.49) - NOTE: To make this deal even better, get manufacturer coupons here and pair with the OfficeMax coupon. Also, look for a coupon with the Post-It display that allows you to receive a free tote bag (available in-store) when you purchase any two Post-It or Scotch products)
  • Schoolio crayons, 24 pk. - 5 cents (limit 3; reg. 99 cents)


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