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Or is it okey-dokey? Or perhaps, as Ned Flanders would say, Okely-Dokely?

However you say it, or spell it, okie-dokie has a new life in Chris Eliopoulos' comic "Okie Dokie Donuts". The story stars the "strong and wide" Big Mama, donut baker extraordinaire, who slathers her fried creations with lots of frosting and love. Along comes Mr. Mayweather, a shyster salesman, intent on setting up his "Mr. Baker" robotic baking device in Big Mama's shop. Will he succeed? What kind of donuts will Mr. Baker turn out? Is Big Mama out of a job?

This story is a sweet, quick read for elementary ages. There's a quirky opening song on the first few pages, almost like the intro to a television show, and several funny moments after Mr. Baker gets plugged in. However, the artwork is chaotic--lots of details and extras to distract the eye and all colored in neutral tans and greens. I found my eyes skipping all over the place and had trouble focusing on one frame at a time.

Despite the distractions, this is a fun story in what I suspect will become a series. And strangely, I have a sudden craving for donuts. Or is it doughnuts? I wonder if I can make it to Fragapane's and back over my lunch break?

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