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UFO Followup


Thanks to everyone who attended our UFO program on August 2. I had to jump on a number of other tasks immediately following the program, so, I’m just now getting around to looking at the evaluations. I can see that there's a lot of interest in this topic and that our speaker did a great job, so we’ll be having him back sometime next year.

I talked to him just as he was leaving and he indicated that the presentation he gave was UFOs 101—so when he returns he will be giving us UFOs 102, meaning he’ll be taking us deeper into the subject matter and providing us with more advanced information. I’m going to let him know the kinds of info you indicated on your evals you're specifically interested in.

We’re sorry about the audio problem in the second half of the program. We’ve had a lot of technically minded people look at the problem and we think we have it figured out, so it won’t be a problem next time around.

The display of Books on UFOs has been taken down but there are still some of the bibliographies that I created in the plastic holders on the end cap near the Dewey 100s and 200s, so if you didn’t get one, come in and pick one up. I’m going to put the illustration from the front cover in this post, so you’ll know what to look for.

Mr. Wertman’s bibliography can be viewed on the Cleveland Ufology website, Items on my list are all owned by our library and we do own many of the items Mr. Wertman recommends. If you're interested in reading any items on Mr. Wertman’s list that we don’t own, please ask a staff member about obtaining it for you from another library.

Those of you who made suggestions regarding other kinds of programs, rest assured I’m forwarding your input to the appropriate staff members.

Thanks again for attending, I’ll be back soon with updates on other EDGY topics.



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