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Lunar eclipse August 28

This is one lunar eclipse you won't have to stay up late for... instead, you'll probably need to get up early! You won't need a telescope to see the eclipse and moonlight is perfectly safe to view without special eye protection.

{NOTE: Click Here to see a NASA Web page with loads of information on this eclipse!}

Beginning at about 4:20 AM careful observers may see the first signs of Earth's shadow falling on the Moon's brilliant surface. The partial eclipse phase begins at 4:51 readily discernable by casual skywatchers.

Things really begin to get interesting as the total eclipse begins at 5:52 AM and the deep central cone of Earth's shadow begins to darken Luna. As the shadow moves across the lunar disc, the filtered light of Earth's global sunsets will color the Moon shades of copper and red; hopefully the sky will be clear and dark enough for us to see this as dawn rapidly approaches!

Morning light and Moonset will prematurely end the show for us in Northeastern Ohio -- mid-eclipse occurs at 6:37 and sunrise takes place at 6:48 AM.

The next total lunar eclipse visible from here will take place the night of February 21, 2008. If the sky is clear we'll be able to see the whole show, not just the first half!


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