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What is a Channeled Text?

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In my last post, I mentioned that Linda Street’s new book is a “channeled text”. What does that mean?

Many of you, I’m sure, already know what that means, but for those who don’t—a channeled text is one the author receives psychically, from another conscious being or group of conscious beings. The consciousness is usually described as “higher” and the reception is something more than inspiration.
Many artists and writers, are inspired to create something,  but most of them don’t credit the work to another entity.  Those authors who describe their work as channeled, are acutely aware that thoughts, images, and feelings are coming through them from another source. They can distinguish their own thoughts and feelings from those of the other.
The source of the input can be a human spirit who has passed over; can be a higher level being; can be a being, or beings from other planetary bodies or places in the universe; from other dimensions, or other universes.  It  can be angels or guides, and it can be divine. Some of the world's most sacred religious texts, including The Quran and Joseph Smith's The Book of Commandments are said to have been channeled.
The first time I became aware of this process, I  was reading the Seth series of books by Jane Roberts—that would have been in  the70's.  Many very well known books in recent times are channeled books.  Check out the  Wikipedia article on channelled texts for a history of  channeled texts from the nineteenth century forward.
These writers may need to go into a meditative state to establish a connection with the other; some go into full trance; some receive the information in the course of a dream or series of dreams; and some receive the text via a process called automatic writing  . (Automatic writing refers to a situation in which the writer holds a pen in his or her hand, or holds their hands over a keyboard, and with no intention in mind other than to let the other take control of their hands and fingers, begins to write.)  Some writers will credit their refined intuition.
I’m sure Linda will describe her process during our program on Thursday evening. In the mean time, I thought I’d refer you to some other “channeled” books in our collection.  There are many, but I'll highlight just a few here:
The Great Shift by Mattine Vallee 2009
A Journey to Oneness by Rasha 2013
The Vortex by Esther and Jerry Hicks 2009
I Am The Word, by Paul Selig 2010
ET Contact by Gina Lake 1996
If I have a chance, I will create a display of channeled texts sometime later this month, so watch for that,  I'm looking forward  to seeing some of you  at the program Thursday evening.
Remember to keep your eye on The Edge.


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