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New Picture Books 2/7/08

The Youth Services Department loves getting new books and we also love sharing them with you! Here's a few, just for you!

For Me? by Harmen Van Straaten
When friends Duck, Toad, and Otter each receive an envelope containing nothing but a rose and a sheet of paper with a heart drawn on it they are first puzzled, then jealous, as they try to find out who sent the mysterious gifts and why.



Because You Are My Baby by Jennifer Ward
Rhyming text explores the ways different animals care for their offspring, from roadrunners to skunks to humans.



Clumsy Crab by Ruth Galloway
Nipper the crab hates his huge, clumsy claws until his friend Octopus gets tangled up in some seaweed and only Nipper can free him.



Mommy's Little Star by Janet Bingham
Mommy Fox and Little Fox walk through the woods and search for the top of the sky.





Where There's a Bear, There's Trouble! by Michael Catchpool
One bear follows one bee, but instead of honey, he finds trouble.




Enjoy these new reads and stop in soon to browse our HUGE collection of picture books!

Happy Valentine's Day!


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