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It's a Mystery 8/21/08

New Fall Releases


A number of popular mystery authors have new books coming out in August and September.  Here is a sampling of some forthcoming titles.


Bain, Donald - A Slaying in Savannah (Murder She Wrote)

Jessica Fletcher travels to Savannah to try to solve the murder of her friend's fiancé.


Beaton, M.C. - A Spoonful of Poison (Agatha Raisin)

Agatha investigates the death of an elderly woman at a church charity event in the 19th title in this series.


Dunn, Carola - Black Ship (Daisy Dalrymple)

A body is discovered in the garden of Daisy's new home in the 17th mystery in this series set in 1920s England.


Francis, Dick - Silks - (co-authored by his son, Felix) - from Booklist:

The novel offers a stunning mix of thundering racetrack action, back-of-the-stables betrayal, criminal investigation, and Old Bailey courtroom drama, all brought together by hero Geoffrey Mason.


Krueger, William Kent - Red Knife  (Cork O'Connor)

Now a private investigator, O'Connor gets caught in the middle of a deadly racial gang war.


Peters, Elizabeth - The Laughter of Dead Kings (Vicky Bliss)

In her first appearance since 1994, art historian Bliss travels to Egypt to aid an old friend.  This is also the final installment of this series.


Rankin, Ian - Exit Music - (Inspector John Rebus) - from Library Journal:

All good things must come to an end, and Rankin's Inspector Rebus series does so in the aptly titled "Exit Music". Rankin began planning this swan song when one of his police consultants pointed out that in 2007 Rebus would be set to retire at the mandatory age of 60. For fans of John Rebus, it's a tough book, because every page turned means getting closer to having to say goodbye to an old friend.


Tapply, William G. - Hell Bent - (Brady Coyne)

The 24th novel in the series finds Coyne working on a divorce case which turns deadly.



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