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See the Space Station!

See the Space Station tonight!

The International Space Station will be visible in our late evening and early nighttime skies several times in September. Using the list below watch for a very bright, unblinking light to appear in the westerly direction indicated and move briskly eastward across the sky. If the timing is right and you can see the entire passage or transit, you will see the light dim and disappear as the huge assemblage dips into Earth's shadow streaming into space. Each transit takes only a few minutes so be sure to start watching for its appearance before the indicated time!

Sunday - Sept. 21 - 8:51:32 PM - Look low to the west.

Monday - Sept. 22 - 7:42 PM - In west-southwest - will go high overhead.

Tuesday - Sept. 23 - 8:09 PM - Look low to the west.

Thursday - Sept. 25 - 7:26 PM - Low to the west.

Like watching for the Space Station and other orbiting objects? Visit Heavens Above using this link (set for Westlake) to learn more and find out what's up!


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