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Three Great Reads for Winter!

The Choice
by Nicholas Sparks
Travis Parker and Gabby Holland are neighbors who unexpectedly fall in love. They eventually marry and have a family, but tragedy forces one of them to make a difficult choice. This latest novel balances love, joy, and heartbreak in typical Sparks fashion. Romance fans will enjoy!


by Stephen Lawhead
The first book in the King Raven trilogy re-imagines the Robin Hood story with a young Welsh prince becoming the famed hero. The author adds his own touches to the fable as well as bringing back favorite characters like Tuck and Little John. Highly readable with great historical detail mixed with Celtic mythology.


The Creator's Map
by Emilio Calderon
Two Spanish refugees in Italy during the Spanish Civil War reluctantly become spies for several dangerous groups in search of the fabled Creator's Map. It's a text supposedly created by God revealing cosmic power spots around the world and an ancient document the Nazis would do anything to own! In the same vein as The Da Vinci Code, this engrossing story has history, romance, and suspense!


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