It's a Mystery 3/26/09


A tip of the hat to the NCAA and their annual March Madness Basketball Tournament.  Because of the popularity of filling out brackets and following favorite teams, we have created a 2009 Mystery Bracket Contest, pitting sleuth against sleuth from the following sub-genres:  Police Procedurals, Pet Detectives, Cozies, and Culinary Gumshoes.  You will notice that some of the most popular characters are not included - the Private Investigators.  They will be facing off in a head-to-head competition in a future contest.

The Mystery Bracket board will be on display in the Mystery area, where you will be able to vote for your favorite character in each bracket pairing.  Just like the NCAA tournament, we'll start with 64 detectives, voting down each week until we get to our winner, the Chief Inspector.  Or, click on this link to vote online.



Look for these mysteries on our shelves in April.

Albert, Susan Wittig                Wormwood (China Bayles)


Barr, Nevada                           Borderline (Anna Pigeon)


Davidson, Diane Mott              Fatally Flaky (Goldy Bear)


Hall, Parnell                             Dead Man's Puzzle (Cora Felton)


King, Laurie R.                         Language of Bees (Mary Russell)


McCall Smith, A.                      Tea Time for the Traditionally Built (Precious Ramotswe)


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