New Easy Readers 4/06/09


Can you believe it is snowing outside?! I thought it was Springtime! One of my favorite activities to do while watching the snow is read. I love spending snowy days cuddled up with a warm blanket and a good book. Here are a few new beginning chapter books for children just learning to read.

Man Sponge Saves the Day by Sarah Willson
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Man Sponge! Join SpongeBob in this new superhero-themed Ready-to-Read adventure. Bikini Bottom is in trouble, and there's only one person who can save it--it's Man Sponge!
The Lonely Library by Kristin Ostby
Meet Franny's new friends Henry and Sally. They both live in the library, but they've never met. One doesn't know how to read, and the other one loves to read aloud. Can Franny turn these two perfect strangers into friends?
The Dinosaur Dig by Veronica Wasserman
Franny meets new friends and looks for dinosaur bones.
The End Zone by Lori Mortensen
Olivia is fast, strong, and can catch. She loves flag football, but the boys won't let her play. Find out if Olivia ever gets to play flag football.
Rah Rah Ruby by Christianne Jones
Ruby loves cheerleading. She loves jumping, yelling, and flipping. But when it's time to spell, Ruby freezes. Find out if Ruby learns to spell in time to make the cheerleading squad.
Goalkeeper Goof by Cari Meister
David likes soccer, but he doesn't like being goalie. When it's his turn at the net, he tries a new trick. David is ready to even the score!

Stop in and check out a few good books to help melt the snow away!
Miss Jamie

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