Swine flu: a site from the CDC

swine glu infoThe Centers for Disease Control have launched a new Website for the swine flu outbreak. Included on the site are counts of cases by state, press briefings, travel restrictions, and tips on staying healthy.

To stay on top of this story, from the page you can sign up for email updates, or subscribe for podcasts/updates via RSS.

hand washing...clean computers

Are library staff taking a role in cleaning computer? What are you cleaning computer keyboards with?

clean computers

Pardon the delay in response. I have had some technical difficulties with comments on our site.

Our public computers are cleaned periodically by staff, but we cannot clean the keyboards after each use.

We provide hand sanitizer, and recommend that patrons wash their hands thoroughly after using public computers, in accordance with current public health recommendations.

If workers are told to stay

If workers are told to stay home because they are sick and they visit the public library and use public computers. How is this going to affect the uninfected?

The library has been

The library has been diligently following the news of the recent outbreaks of flu around the world. To date, there has only been 1 confirmed case in Ohio. However, we strongly encourage library users to wash their hands prior to and after using any public equipment for their own health and the health of others. Restrooms for handwashing are located in our lobby, Reference Department, Youth Services and the meeting room wing. In addition, we have hand sanitizer stations around the library, including near the computer workstations. The library will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate steps to address the issues posed by any increase in the number of flu cases in our area.

Andrew Mangels
Director, Westlake Porter Public Library

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