Book Review: The Manga Guide to Databases


If you are learning how to build and use databases, check out this new title: The Manga Guide to Databases. The format of this title is Manga is a format of comic book/graphic novel in Japan. But this title isn't just for fans of fans of the library's manga collection. Manga is commonly used is Japan beyond entertainment purposes, even government reports.

In this book, Tico the magical database fairy helps Princess Ruruna and Cain solve the complex data problems that are jeopardizing their fruit-selling empire.

The story includes discussion of relational databases, database design, SQL, E-R models, operations, etc.

Reading a comic book about database design may sound a little strange, but the effect is simple: key concepts are communicated succinctly, and with a little humor, which helps the SQL go down a little easier.

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Your website is very difficult to use. Finding simple searches of databases required wandering through Google and that only took me here. Ridiculous.

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I'm sorry you had trouble

Our databases can be found under the "Research Resources" tab at the top of the screen.

I will look into adjusting the captcha settings. Unfortunately, if they are too lax, the site gets hit very heavily with spam.

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