What Are You Afraid OF?

{{0312194129}}152.46 D755F: In this fascinating book, author, Rush W. Dozier, Jr. discusses the origins and mechanisms of what is for many, the most troubling of emotions--FEAR.

Learn what specific fears are hard-wired into the human animal and why. What purpose do they serve? What environmental stresses nurtured their evolution? Understand the mind-body connection, the biochemistry of fear and the role of the brain and its various structures in determining our emotional state.

What price do humans pay for enhanced consciousness? How do experiences diminish or exaggerate our fear response? What role does fear play in the mental illnesses that are rampant in our society: depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder? What is the connection between fear and aggression? You'll see yourself, your loved ones, and those you hate laid open in these pages in a way that can only encourage a deeper compassion.

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