It's a Mystery 8/22/09

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I was speaking with my co-worker who orders the Fiction books for WPPL and we both commented on how many new books are coming out in September and into the fall.  It seems like nearly every popular author has a new book.   The publishing industry must be making a big push to stimulate their business.

Here is a sampling of some new mysteries to watch for this fall:

Beaton, M. C. - There Goes the Bride (Agatha Raisin)

Elkins, Aaron - Skull Duggery

Grafton, Sue - U is for Undertow (12/1/09)

Krueger, William Kent - Heaven's Keep

McInerny, Ralph - Stained Glass (Father Dowling)

Muller, Marcia - Locked In

Paretsky, Sara - Hardball (V.I. Warshawski)

Parker, Robert B. - The Professional (Spenser)

Penny, Louise - The Brutal Telling (Three Pines)

Perry, Anne - The Christmas Promise

And some recently released titles:

Francis, Dick - Even Money

Haines, Carolyn - Greedy Bones

Kellerman, Faye - Blindman's Bluff

Koryta, Michael - The Silent Hour (Lincoln Perry - set in Cleveland)

Maron, Margaret - Sand Sharks

On a sad note, William G. Tapply, author of the popular Brady Coyne mysteries, passed away in July.  His most recent Coyne novel, Hell Bent, was published in 2008.  He had also created a new series featuring Stoney Calhoun, who works in a bait and tackle shop in Maine.  Calhoun was struck by lightning 7 years ago and remembers nothing previous to being injured.  The final mystery in that series, Dark  Tiger, will be published on September 29.


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