Firefox extensions for students

This post shows some great extensions for the Firefox web browser that are useful for students.

Firefox is a Web browser, like Internet Explorer. It is free to download. It is secure, fast and offers these wonderful extensions.

One extension, Firefox Environment Backup Extension, which enables you to back up your Firefox bookmarks, and other setting data, which is important if you are working on research.

Wired-Marker is like a highlighter for web pages, and you can bookmark just the highlighted text: great for keeping track of important data in your online research.

To keep you from spending time playing Mafia Wars on Facebook when you're supposed to be studying, Leechblock allows you to lock yourself out of certain websites that you know will distract you, for periods of time that you select.

There are seven more Firefox extensions in the Mashable post for you to play with.

And don't forget WPPL's edition of the LibX browser plugin, which makes researching our databases and catalog fast and easy.

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